Multiponics Module(s) Advanced TAG System

$ 579.95

Custom fabricated from high-quality ABS plastic and designed with spray pattern and drainage in mind, our modules are perfect as TAG (True Aeroponic Growing) Systems. Just use the easy to mount notches to lift the unit off the ground and you will have a DTW (drain-to-waste) True Aeroponic System that removes the runoff by default.  *A convenient fit is placing the unit on top of a typical 27 gal. tote from the hardware store.

The lids can be customized for different sized net pots, bulkheads, drainage systems, cloning schemes, etc. upon special request.  Each of these units requires $100 for shipping that we are waiving for our first batch! *Can be locally picked up in Colorado for a $100 store credit.

Kit Includes:

  • FREE shipping during our Pre-Product-Launch!
  • Choose between a 73 site lid for 2" netpots or 6 site or 12 site lid for 3" netpots
  • Modular units can be connected into virtually limitless configurations for your customized setup

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